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In today’s competitive environment, companies are looking to achieve high levels of quality and quantity at the same time, which is simply impossible to achieve without automation. Due to the demand of continuous high levels of efficiency, Instrumentation and control becoming critical and increasingly important in industries. Realising this need, Nuclear Malaysia provides courses related to Instrumentation and Engineering to cater the participants who work in industries with automated process with the goal of improving the productivity, reliability, safety, optimisation and stability. The courses covers both theoretical and practical aspects and conducted entirely by Nuclear Malaysia experts.  With these techniques and knowledge acquired, the target group would be prepared to face the challenges in their daily routine.

For Inquiry, Please Contact Us:


Head of Sector

Wan Syazlin binti Wan Yunoh
Tel: +603.8911.2000 ext 2609

Training Coordinator

Siti Hajar binti Yusof
Tel: +603.8911.2000 ext 2608


Kasnidar binti Nurdin
Tel: +603.8911.2000 ext 2604

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