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Programme Overview:

The economic activities using ionising radiation are widely popular due to the benefits to the mankind, availability of sufficient radiation safety standards and value for money. As such, a radiation professional must be responsive on these issues and other radiation related subjects. The issues must be properly addressed to strengthen safety confidence among workers and public alike. As one knows the subject matter very well, it is duty bound for them to place the ionising radiation to the right perspectives.  In this regards, they must keep abreast with the latest development and recent professional practices on ionising radiation both at local and international arena. In organisation, the task and responsibility of these professionals especially Person Responsibility for The License’ (OBTL), Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) are not only limited to ensure the safety procedures are observed, but also to improve safety performance in order to increase quality and productivity. Strict adherence to the safety procedures is necessary to avoid any mishap and unwarranted accident that cost an organisation the profit, reputation and assets.

Target Group:

Radiation licensee, person responsible to the license (OBTL), Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), Radiation Protection Supervisor, supervisor, manager, researcher, training provider, lecturer, scientist, trainer, academician, safety officer, HSE (health, safety and environment) officer, medical physicist, physician, laboratory manager, supplier and those who are interested in radiation protection and safety.


Highlights of the course:

  • Policy and management
  • Monitoring and control
  • Technology, quality and productivity
  • Legislation, standards and procedures
  • Safety, security and safeguard
  • Recent Professional Practices
  • Human capital
  • Education and training
  • Nuclear Renaissance


Certificate of Attendance will be issued to registered participants after successfully completed the course.


3 Days ( 21 hours of lecture )

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